Get under the hood electrical measurements easier than ever, check brake lights quickly, and more when you don’t need to be tethered to the meter!

The Challenge

Making measurements with a traditional multimeter can be challenging under the hood.

The Solution

How many times are electrical measurements needed under the hood while you’re in the cabin of the car or truck? The wireless nature of the iDVM addresses this issue. Attach the iDVM to the ignition and climb back into the cabin to turn the engine over. The iDVM measures and logs the voltage and/or current draw as the engine turns over, and you can see the data right on your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad or Android device.

Voice feature lets you hear the measurements

Another big benefit is the voice feature of the iDVM. Do you ever find it difficult to find a place under the hood to prop up your multimeter? Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to prop up your multimeter? You can let the iDVM dangle, and through your earbuds attached to your iOS or Android device in your pocket, you can hear the measurements as you make them. Now there’s no need to carefully place the multimeter.

These days much of the needed data in an automobile is automatically available through a computer-based diagnostic system. That’s fine for diagnostics, but try to find a pesky short or other intermittent electrical problem. This is where the audio capability of the iDVM really helps out. Probing various points on the car is easier if you don’t have to look at a meter that may be hanging below you – or above you.


The standard probes provide an ability to add a host of other “grippers” as may be needed for connections under the hood, in the dash or under the chassis. Using standard 1000V CAT III probes means that other third-party extensions can be used with the iDVM.