The iDVM transmits measurements to your phone or tablet. The app turns your device into an advanced display and control panel.


First of all, the iDVM 510 is a fully-featured professional multimeter, so you can use it as your everyday multimeter for taking all the measurements you require. But the advantage of using the iDVM is that it connects over Bluetooth-LE to your iOS or Android device to enable you to interact with your data and utilize it in ways that simply aren’t possible with a traditional multimeter.

If you want to delve deeper into the specifications and details, here are some technical documents with lots of interesting information:

Or, if you’d rather watch the iDVM in action, we’ve prepared some videos to introduce you to the basic concepts:

Choose your video from the playlist above, or click here to view all videos on YouTube. These videos will help you familiarize yourself and get up-and-running with our iDVM 510 multimeter.

iDVM2 App

The iDVM2 app, available for iOS and Android devices, connects to your iDVM 510 multimeter over Bluetooth-LE and enables you to monitor measurements, record data, and view and export any recordings you’ve made.

Our customers have also been busy exploring the new iDVM 510, and have posted some videos about their experiences.  If you’ve made a video you’d like us to promote, just let us know – we always like hearing the new ways that people use their iDVMs.