We sincerely appreciate that our customers rely on our products to be more efficient, more accurate, safer and just generally do their jobs better. We want to make that easier. We will post to this page as customer raise questions that we think would be of interest to other users. Find more information here.

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We warrant our products to be free from workmanship or material defects for a period of one year from date of purchase. If you register your product on our website, we extend your warranty to two years from date of purchase. We know if you registered your product because he can search the serial number database.


User Manuals

iDVM510 User Manual

iDVM550 User Manual


Having trouble connecting via Bluetooth?

We know that initial connection issues can be very frustrating. Please keep in mind a couple things when you try to connect. iDVM multimeters connect to your mobile device directly without the need to pair them using your devices “settings” application.

Open the Supco TechLink application, go to the Toolbox, Add New Tools to search for new tools then Tap the meter and the device will try to connect. If this fails, please turn both the meter and the mobile device off. Then turn on the mobile device followed by the meter.

To further troubleshoot this issue, it is possible to use a third party application like PunchThroughs LightBlue application. This application allows you to “sniff” your surrounding area to see what devices are broadcasting their Bluetooth existence. Seeing the iDVM via a third party application would focus attention on our application – this is useful to know. If you don’t see the meter in the third-party application your mobile device may be the culprit. Not all Bluetooth implementation is the same. Although we use the latest Texas Instruments SDK for our Bluetooth module, we can’t be sure it works with every possible manufacturer’s device.

Be sure that your app is up to date

We regularly update our application. Please be sure that you using the current application when working with your meter. Application updates frequently included added features, but sometimes they include critically important bug fixes. You can get the current app on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by searching any of our supported apps, Supco TechLink, measureQuick HVAC or iDVM2 (iDVM510 only).