The iDVM 550 professional-grade multimeter and amp clamp with power measurements.

Test capacitors under a load, identify power problems and determine system efficiency with our new professional grade iDVM550 Clamp Meter by measuring AC Volts, AC Amps, system kW and the power factor.  Test everything from capacitors to compressors to even determining the EER on an AC system.  Use App-captured data and Supco® TechLink™ to discuss system operating costs on jobs.

  • Bluetooth® connection for iOS® and Android ® smart devices up to 200 feet
  • 6,000 count (3 3/4 digit) resolution
  • Ingress Protection – IP54 protects from dirt and water
  • True RMS
  • Powered by the Supco® TechLink™ diagnostic App
  • Includes Line Splitter
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