The iDVM multimeter works with your iPhone or Android device to provide the best data acquisition and logging solution.  Data can be emailed or uploaded for formatting and reporting.

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Take measurements at a distance while you operate the electrical or control panel.  Display and log measurement values, and have the meter speak the values to you if your hands are occupied.

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Take measurements under the hood while you monitor values from the cabin. Record and graph measurements over time to better analyze performance and modifications.

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Why We're Here

Redfish Instrument's mission includes producing the next-generation of electrical measurement tools, but we are committed to a lot more.

We designed the iDVM multimeter to enable you to do your work better and faster. We're so confident that you'll be delighted with your new multimeter from Redfish that we provide a one-year warranty.

Wirelessly connect your multimeter to your Android or iOS device? Who would have thought such a thing possible? This unique pairing provides tremendous user interface advantages. Learn how the iDVM multimeter works and how easy it is to use.